Virtual tours with freedom of movement — new solution for your business

Biganto is an IT company with focus on digital solutions and hardware for virtual 3d tours, VR and photo‑tours


Already have a 3d scene? Create your own tour using Virtoaster service. This is simple!

Use virtoaster


Three-dimensional laser scanning with hi-def photoshoot. 3D model and photo tour of existing object within short time.

Use Filincam

Player features

  • Generate link to current position

  • Record and play path walkthrough

  • 3D panorama

  • Measurement tape

  • Generate and share screenshots

  • Interactive objects to highlight key features and guide user

  • Freedom of Movement

  • Joint viewing

  • Branding

  • Audio


  • Browser

    Tours are easy accessible from any browser at any platform. Both on desktops and mobile devices.

  • Desktop

    Windows application with TV mode and VR support via Oculus Rift or HTC Vive and offline mode.

  • Mobile

    iOS and Android application with VR support via cardboard and offline mode.

  • Oculus

    Watch 3d tours on standalone all-in-one VR headsets Go and Quest, without connection to PC

    Installing Oculus Go