Convert your 3D model into 3d virtual tour with VR support with freedom of movement

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*You’ll need a PC to create a tour

What is Virtoaster?

Virtoaster is a service, allowing 3d artists, interior designers and architecture visualizers to create VR and 3d virtual tours on their own, within short time frame. Using already available assets, Virtoaster is a simple and powerful tool to turn 3d models into interactive presentations of your projects.

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How it works?

  • 3D scene

    Your project in 3d Max, scene you want to transform into visual tour

  • Prepare assets

    Prepare renders and export model with the help of our tools and guides.

  • Create and share the tour

    Upload assets and assemble tour through the web interface. Share it with a link!

For more information visit the "Tutorials" page and see video demonstration

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29 €/month
Number of tours you can simultaneously have in your account.
Tours per month
Number of tours you can optimize with our algorithm, both when uploading tour for the first time or when making changes.
Points per tour
Every tour has a number of points you can move around. This is the maximum number of points you can have in a single tour.

Next generation 3d and VR tours is a sure way to make a lasting impression on your customers

  • Highlight your works
  • Reach new customers and expand available services to existing ones
  • Create VR ready 3d tours without special knowledge, using only existing assets

Visualize your ideas

No 3d model? Order a 3d scene, created by your specs from one of our partners - visualisation studios, with experience in virtual tour creation

Digitize existing space

Have existing premises? Create digital doubles for real estate with FilinCam - high definition 3d camera with laser scanning.

coming soon
coming soon
  • Freedom of movement

    In traditional virtual tours, there is only one viewpoint per room with «jumping» to another room. Our tours allow you to move smoothly through the virtual space, to navigate quickly and understand the space planning, without breaking the immersion.

  • Easy to make

    Intuitive web interface and our tools saves you time and effort, it takes less than half an hour to extract the model and prepare 3d scene for rendering with them. No need to learn new software or other special training to create VR ready interactive tours, everything important is already collected on our "Tutorials" page.

  • Multiplatformity

    Biganto tours work on computers, tablets and smartphones. Easy access to the tour for all website visitors and wide audience coverage are provided by a demonstration via the Internet browser or offline with our applications.

  • Wide functionality

    • Clickable objects show detailed information about furniture items and decoration
    • Three-dimensional view from above
    • Measuring tape for measuring distances
    • Anchor links to a specific location in the tour
    • Recording and subsequent playback of the route
  • VR support

    Any virtual Biganto tour works in VR mode. For this purpose, use Oculus Rift / Oculus Go / HTC Vive virtual reality headsets or cardboards for mobile devices.