Biganto is a service that transforms 3D model of interior or exterior into a unique Biganto 3D tour with freedom of movement, highest quality of visualization and VR support.

Three-dimensional tours fascinate your customers, allowing them:

  • To immerse themselves in the project atmosphere even before it is created
  • To emotionally feel their future apartment
  • To walk through the created interior design
  • To make sure that everything meets the requirements of customer
  • To finalize the project details
  • To help highlight your works
  • To use modern it-technologies of Biganto company
  • To attract new customers and to move along with the times
  • To change the virtual technology industry together
  • The time of static renders is passing, the era of virtual and VR tours is emerging
  • Enhance the emotional connection of your customers with the project and encourage them to purchase
  • Enable a virtual walk throughout the project from the inner courtyard to the apartment
  • Immerse yourself into the three-dimensional reality on the promotional web site of the object from any device or in the sales office with the help of VR-glasses

Advantages of Biganto tours

  • Freedom of movement

    In traditional virtual tours, there is only one viewpoint per room with «jumping» to another room. Our tours allow you to immerse more fully into the virtual space, quickly navigate and understand the space planning.

  • Multiplatformity

    Biganto tours work on computers, tablets and smartphones. Easy access to the tour for all website visitors and wide audience coverage are provided by a demonstration via the Internet browser.

  • VR support

    Any virtual Biganto tour works in VR mode. For this purpose, you should use the virtual reality OculusRift / HTC Vive glasses or cardboards for mobile phones.

  • Wide functionality

    • Clickable objects show detailed information about furniture items and decoration
    • Background music during the tour
    • Three-dimensional view from above
    • Measuring tape for measuring distances
    • Anchor links to a specific location in the tour
    • Recording and subsequent playback of the route