System requirements:

Minimum technical characteristics of equipment (computer) for running Virtual Tour:

  • DirectX 10-supported video card and driver
  • At least 4 Gbyte RAM
  • No less than Intel Core i5 or AMD A10 processor
  • Browser and minimum version: Google Chrome 80, Firefox 78, Safari 14, Opera 66, Microsoft Edge 79
  • For mobile devices: Android 6 or newer, iOS 14 or newer compatible devices, at least 3 Gbyte RAM (4 is recommended) Important: some iOS compatible devices, e.g. iPhone SE have less than 3 Gbyte RAM and can experience performance issues.
  • To check the correct operation, the device and browser shall be tested for WebGL support on:

General requirements:

  • assets should be exported with our tools for 3d Max (Camera tool и Export tool). Scripts were tested on 3d Max 2018-2020, we do not guarantee the same performance on earlier 3d Max versions.
  • at the moment we do not support alternative 3d packages (i.e. UE or Maya). Nevertheless, if you know what you are doing, you can still prepare assets from these packages, like some of our customers do.
  • if you want to use 3d package other than 3d max, please approach technical support for further assistance.

Image requirements:

File format - .jpg or .png (recommended)

Image format - cubemap panoramic image 6x1

Image resolution - 9216х1536

File name for each image should end with sequential number - so called point number, which should correspond to the correct coordinates, e.g. "panorama01.png"

Supported renderers - VRay, Corona*

*- VRay и Corona renderers can render cubemaps by default. For alternative renderers cubemaps may be different.

Model requirements:

File format - .obj

Maximum high poly model size, mb - 2048

Maximum high poly model size (uploading without optimization), mb - 50

Maximum number of objects in the model - 6000

Maximum number of vertices in polygons in the scene - 200

Maximum scene size (bounding box size of a model, in any of three dimensions), m - 1000

Maximum polygon count (for comfortable tour view) - 300000

Maximum polygon count (maximum technically possible) - 2000000

Maximum distance from camera to the model, m - 6